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Family Support 

  • Family Support Program offers a variety of programming including a Family Support Worker, One - on - One Services, Group Programs and Childcare. These programs may include:
  • Parenting Groups (6 to 8 weeks) - Basic Parenting, Traditional Parenting, Clean and Sober Parenting, Nobody's Perfect Parenting, Parenting after Separation, Community Kitchen, Domestic Violence and others
  • Childcare available for those taking part in groups
  • Programming for families with children 0 - 6 years of age
  • Prenatal programming
  • FASD awareness 
  • Child Development
  • Child Mental Health and Well - Being
  • Nutrition Support

Resolution Health Support

  • Court Support for Survivors going through the claimant hearing process of Indian Residential Schools
  • Elder Support
  • Individual and Family Counselling and Support
  • Emotional Support
  • Group Programs such as Anger Management, Addictions, Recovery, Parenting, Community Kitchen, Cultural Teachings, Men's and Women's Healing Circles, Grief and Loss and others as requested
  • Advocacy,  Networking, and Outreach
  • Court/Justice Support
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Suicide Awareness
  • Education and Awareness on Indian Residential Schools
  • Programs to address issues of Inter-generational Impacts of Indian Residential Schools
  • Referrals
  • Mental Health and Well Being
  • Commemoration Events and Gatherings
  • Traditional Teachings and relearning our Culture
  • After Care and Follow Up

Housing and Employment

  • Programs for those that are experiencing homelessness or at risk of being homeless
  • Programs to address employment readiness skills
  • Housing support and Advocacy (*note we do not provide housing, we support participants in finding safe and affordable housing)
  • Networking with landlords
  • Educational Support
  • Outreach
  • Food Security and Community Kitchen
  • Soup Kitchen (fall, winter, and spring months)
  • Emergency food and basic needs supplies
  • Assist clients in developing long term case planning
  • After Care and Follow up
  • Life skills
  • Community Gardens
  • Programming such as parenting, sewing, photography, recycling old items to make new items, resume writing, and others

Youth programs (depending on available funding)

  • Free gym night once per week during fall and winter
  • summer sports such as ball
  • summer activities such as trips to the lake, Batoche, mini golf, sports and crafts
  • cultural teachings
  • self esteem, team building, peer support and other activities planned throughout the year depending on available funding

Above programs available to everyone, some programs such as cooking and groups do require you to call ahead to register. Please call 3067524950 for updated times and dates as well as to register.

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